Cartridge Rebuilding / Retipping

Cartridge Rebuilding / Retipping

Phono Cartridge Rebuilding and Stylus Retipping Services

Thank you for your interest in our cartridge rebuilding services. You have arrived at the right place.

Why? If you read the below, you will understand why. If you want to try someone else first for cartridge repairs, you are of course free to do so, BUT, do not send it to us after you are dissatisfied. We do not clean up after someone else has butchered your valuable cartridge. Our time is valuable, and is dedicated to our good customers who value what we do.

Peter Ledermann has been designing his own cartridges and rebuilding cartridges of all brands for more than 45 years. He is widely considered a world class expert in the field; not to be confused with new-comers or those who recently believe they have suddenly developed these delicate surgical skills and deep knowledge of cartridge design and repair as it relates to rebuild performance.

Prices for our work? Most fall into a range shown below, but some high end designs (Clearaudio, Koetsu and others) fall outside of that range. We can advise you up front regarding that, or provide an evaluation.

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